– Website Design

About was newly acquired by a new owner in 2016. Prior to the acquisition – Matt Cole, the new owner, knew he needed to freshen up the digital presence for the business. agencyTHE worked with all3’s new ownership and management team to define a website that would convert website traffic well, and also be easy for their team to properly maintain with limited in-house resources.

agencyTHE evaluated all3’s needs and reviewed many eCommerce options internally and with the client. We determined that Shopify Plus (Shopify’s Enterprise offering) was the best fit for the client offering unlimited support, integrated hosting, a great marketplace of plug-ins to expand the core-platform’s functionality, and had an existing 3rd-party SAAS solution available to synchronize product metadata and inventory from Lightspeed Point of Sale.

Upon launching the new site all3sports saw better website visitor engagement figures including lower bounce rate, higher avg. time on site, and increased conversion rate.  The new website has helped to gain the respect of major industry brands that are now engaged in co-branding and co-op marketing opportunities with All3Sports.