Barnie’s Coffee & Tea – Digital Marketing


About Barnie’s Coffee & Tea:

Barnie’s Coffee & Tea was founded in 1980 offering a quality coffee product. Throughout their 35+ years in the company’s heritage they at one point had 118 cafes, and at the time were thought to grow to be the coffee cafe giant. The business model proved to require
a shift back in 2010/11 and they chose to close down nearly all their cafe’s and focus on their grocery reseller channel and direct
eCommerce sales.

agency THE was¬†engaged by Barnie’s in 2014 after a few years of eCommerce challenges to receive their desired growth and results. We were engaged to assist in the growth of this critical channel to help deliver success on this new business focus.

In working with Barnie’s for several – agency THE has offered direct management with:

– SEM Strategy, Campaign Development, and Execution
– Facebook Media Campaign Execution, Including all Creative Development
– Programmatic Media Buying (Display Advertising)
– eCommerce Consulting

We have been able to help Barnie’s achieve double-digit percentage growth in both sales and profitability in all managed channels each year in comparison to the prior year, and help them to achieve their overall eCommerce sales goals each year!