InBIA – Digital Marketing



InBIA (pronounced “in-bee-eye-ay”) short for International Business Innovation Association, has the mission of accelerating worldwide entrepreneurship. There mission is not just to grow international entrepreneurship, but to do so in multiple business verticals including technology agriculture, etc… Founded in Orlando, FL in over 30 years ago, they have worked hard since to get 2,000 worldwide members in over 60 countries.

They assist members such as:
– Incubators
– Accelerators
– Economic Development Commissions
– Innovative Startups
–¬†Technology Companies

They assist these organizations through education and training on how best to assist the end entreprenuer. In 2016 they
realized that they needed to do more to attract new members, and retain existing ones through digital marketing. They
therefore highered agencyTHE who consulted with their internal team through a re-brand, proper implementation and
tracking of lead generation and goals (including direct eCommerce sales of membership and conference sign-ups).

How did we help:
agencyTHE worked together with the internal InBIA team to create on-brand ad copy and creative colateral. We after
interviewing the InBIA CEO, Marketing Director, Membership Director, and others became extremely savy on what their
target customer demographic needs and how where and when they may be must likely to be looking for it.

We then defined multiple digital marketing campaigns:
– Linkedin PPC
– Programmatic Display and re-marketing

We also assisted InBIA with launching on-site conversion optimization tools to better funnel website visitors to the
appropriate content on their website.

The results have been amazing for InBIA and we have received for them a 41-to-1 ROI of direct eCommerce conversions
versus media dollars spent!