Leather Furniture Expo – Digital Marketing


About Leather Furniture Expo:

Leather Furniture Expo is an eTailer with a focus on selling high-end home furnishings. With the challenge of having vast customizations available for each individual furniture style- as they had well over 100,000 unique variants for sale in their online catalog.

LFE engaged agency THE to assist with the goal of increasing their eCommerce profitability in Q4. With their current on-site conversion rate being a challenge, but already getting a significant number of unique visitors to the site monthly – we suggested the prioritization of a display re-marketing campaign.

agency THE strategically defined multiple visitor segments and developed on-brand engaged creative to serve appropriate to each segment (based on where the user was in their purchase process). We launched the display re-marketing campaigns and were able to achieve nearly 1% click-through rates and drove sales at over a 85x ROI (on media spent).