Mobile Help – Website Design


About Mobile Help:

Mobile Help is one of America’s leading providers of Personal Emergency Response Systems. Mobile Help markets their
advertising, website copywriting, etc… to the elderly (not their families). Because that generation did not grow up in
the internet era they have a need to make all pages have a very simple UI/UX.

Mobile Help engaged us to help them be less reliant on 3rd party websites/platforms for lead generation, and have better
control over their brand messaging in the advertising that would assist in generating these leads. They also had the
goal of lowering their CPL while keeping the quality of the leads generated equal to or better than 3rd parties they had
previously worked with. Lastly they needed data to be submitted to their internal CRM system for use by the internal call
center, and back-end reporting/analytics needs.

agency THE built a landing page that dynamically would render phone numbers based on data from the marketing sources
URL, and exceeded all their expectations and needs. Results of the launch of the landing page we built included less
operational work for their internal call center, lower Cost-Per-Lead, and better control over the previously 3rd-party
website partners they were using for lead generation.