The Stroller Run – Digital Marketing

About The Stroller Run:

The Stroller Run is the first event of its kind, a fun 5k dedicated to runners and their kids that benefits local children’s charities. This race is less about clocking your time and more about getting out of the house, being active with your kids, and socializing with other active parents in the community. AgencyTHE was first introduced to The Stroller Run in December of 2017 to launch a brand new concept from the ground up.

 agencyTHE managed:

– SEM Strategy, Campaign Development, and Execution
– Facebook/Instagram Advertising
– Programmatic Media Buying (Display Advertising)
– Website Conversion Optimization

In working with The Stroller Run agencyTHE delivered:

• 3,500+ Facebook Page Likes & 942 Unique Facebook Purchases (All Time)
• Sold 817 Tickets Before First EVER Event
• 54,283 Unique Users To Their Website