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agency THE Marketing Methodology

Understand Your Business/Customers

agency THE will become a true extension of your internal team, and dive deep into understanding your businesses products/services, your existing customers, and your competitors.

Define Goals and Objectives

We collaborate with our clients to understand their business objectives, and define achievable goals. This is a cyclical process each month, quarter, and year with our clients as your business and the market it competes in shifts.

Review All Available Data

We do a tremendous amount of first-party and third-party data aggregation. We then mine the data, and review our findings with the utmost precision!

Define a Strategic Plan

We build marketing strategies based on data. No guess work, we simply apply our vast understanding of your business to the data, and we put the plan in motion!

Implement Plan

Campaign execution now begins to achieve on well defined goals, and follows the prescribed strategy that was molded from the vast data we cleansed and mined.

Test and Refine

Throughout campaign execution we constantly are adapting and refining as needed to provide the maximum ROI and leads/revenues.

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Why Choose agency THE?

Industry Subject Matter Experts

Our team has decades worth of experience within the eCommerce industry working with both small retailers and the biggest ones in the world. Even if you’re not selling online, we bring a performance-based strategic model to managing your marketing!

Superb Account Management

Just like ad agencies in the golden age of advertising did, we take our clients, their brands, and the results we are responsible for delivering very seriously. We prioritize excellent communication and account management!

Data-Driven Marketing Approach

Data is king in today’s world. Knowing what data is important and relevant is the next step, and most importantly decisions to make based on the data. Our team of seasoned experts is skilled at all 3!

Minutiae Marketing℠ Experts

The agency THE team pays attention to every tiny piece of minutiae that we’ve defined our own formula around defining and executing marketing strategies.

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